The SpongeBob Flick: Sponge on the Run


The SpongeBob Motion Picture: Sponge on the Run (2020) is among the movie projects that failed to appear 123movies site in movie theaters globally because of the Corona pandemic this year, but you can view it on 123 flicks. However, the animated movie created by Nickelodeon eventually came to be Netflix's initial web content and broadcast globally with the streaming service from the USA. Summary Sponge on the Run tells the story of the Yellow Sponge that eventually recognizes that Gary, who is his family pet snail, disappeared because he was kidnapped. After finding a clue, SpongeBob and Patrick travel to The Lost City of Atlantic City to save Gary and also bring him residence.

The conflict in this film starts when Plankton, that is still trying to get the secret Krabby Patty recipe, typically falls short as a result of SpongeBob's existence. This then led him to try to eliminate SpongeBob to make it much easier to take the dish. Well, it was at this minute that Plankton saw a news stating that King Poseidon wanted snails for his facial care. Remembering that SpongeBob has a family pet snail named Gary, Plankton ends up kidnapping the Yellow SpongeBob's family pet. This is to ensure that SpongeBob comes to be busy seeking his pet to ensure that it is easier for Plankton to steal the dish. After that, started the experience of SpongeBob as well as his buddy, Patrick, to The Lost City of Atlantic City to bring Gary house. However, the discussion of the tales from the journeys of the two sea animals is not as easy as you could envision. Because there are a number of moments in the movie that seem to shed emphasis because they are not related to the main function of their adventure.

As a matter of fact, you might say that the whole Sponge on the Run movie seems to be a combination of several episodes from the computer animated series. This absolutely makes the plot of the movie appear absurd since some parts of it do not get in touch with the major conflict of the story, which is saving Gary. On top of that, there are likewise several flashback scenes from the days of SpongeBob and also his good friends at the summertime camp that are rather forced to be shown all in this movie. A recall scene is probably simply a kind of "promo" from Nickelodeon for the Camp Reefs spin-off project which tells the life of SpongeBob and also his good friends at summertime camp.

Nonetheless, despite the unreasonable story in Sponge on the Run, you can still enjoy the storyline that is relatively light and fun. In addition, for those of you that such as to enjoy without needing to concentrate or much like this popular computer animated collection. You simply require to kick back and throw your reasoning away to be able to appreciate the silly story in this computer animated film.