Keep Healthy as well as Elegant with Wood Floors


Making use of wooden floors is currently being enjoyed by lots of people, this is since wooden floorings do have more exclusive features contrasted to other sorts of flooring. In our own shop, sales of wooden floorings are probably most likely to raise every month, this suggests that individuals are certainly delighted with this floor covering material. Without recognizing it, wood or parquet floorings have a number of benefits. Besides being able to "indulge" the eyes, wooden floors from wood floor covering chicago additionally have health and wellness benefits. Below are numerous advantages that we don't understand are discovered on wood floors:


Ceramic or marble floors are typically extremely easy to convey temperature. This is primarily circumvented by covering the flooring with a rug so that the feet are warmer when strolling barefoot. According to research, the flooring installation chicago soles of the feet that frequent contact with chilly surface areas can impact wellness which will at some point lead to numerous illness, such as rheumatism, prickling, and also pains, which will gradually spread to other bodies.

By incorporating all-natural timber right into a home, office, or institution environment - whether it is used in the form of wooden floorings - can have a favorable effect on a person's mental quality as well as have a tendency to be better. Additionally, wood can maintain the soles of our feet warmer as well as minimize the risk of conditions, such as rheumatism, tingling, pains, as well as other conditions.

Comfy feeling

The all-natural impression of wooden floorings can offer a space a warm impact. This warm impression produces a comfortable and homey feeling for site visitors and also citizens alike. This sense of convenience can additionally be used to boost the loyalty and comfort of restaurant or resort consumers to maintain visiting your service.


The natural structure and shape of the timber make the area appearance natural as well as elegant. The perception of "being one with nature" can be created by using timber floorings as one of one of the most vital products in the layout of the room.


Parquet or wooden floorings can contribute to the visual value of the house or a space that can be changed for a minimalist or traditional residence. The interior parquet application can be adapted to any kind of interior decoration.

We provide different types of timber floorings with themes that can be tailored to your liking. All products are developed for longevity, functionality, as well as an inexpensive rate. As a company that creates Indonesian timber floor covering, Selgrid is constantly all set to meet the requirement to create the space, office, and also house styles you imagine.