Keep Healthy as well as Classy with Hardwood Floors


The use of wood floors is currently being liked by lots of people, this is because wood floorings do have more exclusive features compared to various other sorts of flooring. In our own shop, sales of wood floors are arguably likely to boost on a monthly basis, this shows that the people are certainly happy with this floor covering product. Without understanding it, wooden or parquet floorings have numerous benefits. Besides having the ability to "indulge" the eyes, wooden floors from hardwood floor covering chicago likewise have health benefits. Here are numerous benefits that we do not understand are found on wood floorings:


Ceramic or marble floors are usually very easy to communicate coldness. This is mostly circumvented by covering the flooring with a rug so that the feet are warmer when walking barefoot. According to study, the soles of the feet that are often in contact with chilly surfaces can affect wellness which will eventually result in different illness, such as rheumatism, prickling, and aches, which will slowly infect other bodies.

By integrating natural wood into a residence, office, or school setting - whether it is applied in the form of wood floors - can have a favorable result on a person's emotional quality and often tend to be happier. Additionally, timber can keep the soles of our feet warmer and also reduce the threat of illness, such as rheumatism, tingling, aches, as well as various other disorders.

Comfy feeling

The natural impact of wooden floors can offer a space a cozy impression. This cozy impression produces a comfy and pleasant sensation for site visitors as well as homeowners alike. This sense of comfort can likewise be utilized to increase the commitment and also comfort of restaurant or resort customers to keep visiting your service.


The all-natural framework as well as shape of the timber make the room look all-natural and classy. The impression of "being one with nature" can be created by utilizing timber floors as one of the most essential materials in the design of the area.

Aesthetic appeals

Parquet or wood floorings can include in the visual value of your home or a space that can be changed for a minimalist or traditional residence. The indoor parquet application can be adapted to any type of interior design.

We supply various sorts of timber floorings with themes that can be tailored to your preference. All items are created for resilience, usefulness, and also a cost effective rate. As a company that produces Indonesian timber flooring, Selgrid is always ready to accomplish the demand carpet installation to produce the area, workplace, and home designs you dream of.