How to Increase the size of the Penis: Natural Methods and also Medical Treatments


There are different approaches that are asserted to expand the penis, varying from using supplements, massage therapy techniques, vacuum cleaner enlargement, to surgical treatment. Come on, figure out which method is effective and also medically confirmed to expand the penis. For many males, the dimension of the penis can indicate manly qualities as well as an icon of potency, fertility, toughness, capacity, as well as nerve. This then makes some men consumed with increasing the size of the penis, even though their Mr. P's size is in fact fairly typical. You can attempt just how to make your dick bigger.

Based upon the results of the study, male penis size varies depending on hereditary elements, race, and also ethnicity. The ordinary regular size of the penis when not put up is around 6.5-8 cm, while when set up has to do with 13-15 cm. The dimension of the penis is called irregular or micropenis if the size has to do with 7.5 centimeters when set up. There are numerous programs, methods, and also penis enlargement items on the marketplace with the lure of enjoyable outcomes. However medically, these claims are not always confirmed to be reliable. The adhering to are several of the approaches frequently used to increase the size of the penis, along with a clinical description of phallosan forte results their efficiency and security:

Reduce weight

This method is categorized as risk-free and also effective in making the penis look larger. This is due to the fact that excess body weight triggers the fat deposits around it to cover the genital areas, making the penis look smaller sized. By lowering body weight, the shaft of the penis will certainly be extra noticeable, to ensure that the dimension appears bigger.


Jelqing is a method to boost penis dimension normally. This strategy is done by depending on motions of the thumb and also forefinger such as massaging or bleeding a cow, which is pushing the finger from the base of the penis to the head of the penis repetitively. While rather safe, this approach can trigger pain, irritability, injury, or scar cells formation if you do it too often. The effectiveness of this method in enlarging the penis has not been verified medically. Consequently, you should beware prior to using this technique to expand the penis.

Supplements and also creams

Some supplements and also lotions that contain vitamins, minerals, natural herbs or hormonal agents declare to enlarge the penis. Most of the active ingredients in these products function by increasing blood flow to the penis and also making the penis set up. Nevertheless, this does not actually make the penis much longer and also larger. One more truth, the insurance claims of these items have not been proven reliable in clinical research studies. Some supplement products even have the sildenafil class of medications which are dangerous if eaten by males with heart disease. Also, with using penis enlargement creams, there is no medical proof that reveals these creams can boost penis dimension. Some items even have the potential to trigger adverse effects such as allergies or skin inflammation of the penis.